I'm a photographer specializing in documenting live and visual art. Everything from performance, dance and concerts to paintings, installations and sculptures. Being a visual artist and performer I'm very sensitive and attuned to the needs of my clients. Whether you need photographs for a catalog, website, portfolio or residency application, I can help you through the process from the initial shooting to editing and the final selection.

Need a website for all of that fantastic documentation?

No problem, I can build one for you. I'll make you a site that not only looks great but is also easy to update. Using stable and established content management systems to ensure your site works across various platforms.

  • Services

    • Photography - I specialize in live and static art documentation. I can also shoot a very serious, very silly or somewhere in between portrait of you.
    • Web Design - I make sites based on easy and responsive content management systems. Meaning that once the site is up you can update it on your own without stressing out.


    • as photographer
    • I have over ten years of experience, working with clients, creating my own photographic work, and teaching photography both in formal and non-formal settings.
    • as website maker
    • I came to web design out of necessity when I created my first personal art website after graduate school. Since then I've created and maintain multiple websites for various clients.
      I'm fascinated with the potential of the web as an art venue. How to make art stand out and communicate effectively.
  • Clients

    • VCD Bundesverband - Shot cargo bikes in action for this German NGO.
    • Month of Performance Art Berlin - I documented 12 performances and events for this annual festival.
    • BLN.FM - I documented the Transmediale festival for this Berlin radio and web magazine.
    • in process e.V. - Created the website to document the culmination of a community based grant sponsored project.

    Websites I created

  • Education

    • School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    • Period: 2001-2003
    • Degree: Masters of Fine Arts
    • University at Buffalo
    • Period: 1996-2001
    • Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography